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Mr Logs Eco Logs

Tony Moore and Diane Roberts got together to form Mr. Logs, a business dedicated to manufacture of eco logs, also known as green logs. Mr Logs manufacture Eco Logs for use in open fireplaces, stoves and solid fuel central heating systems.

Tony Moore And Diane Roberts - Mr Logs Eco Logs

The name of the business came about a bit by accident. They’d decided to use the initials of their respective surnames, so to begin with the business was called M.R Logs. Then someone pointed out that M.R looked like it ought be pronounced Mister – so Mr Logs was born.

Tony and Diane are the main people who own and run the eco logs business, but Tony’s wife Juliet helps out in her spare time voluntarily. The manufacturing plant is based in Barnstaple, however Tony and Juliet live in Hatherleigh, while Diane and her husband Roy live in Chulmleigh in North Devon.

Tony, Juliet, Diane and Roy were all born in Devon and are from families that have been in Devon for generations.

A Great Way To Re-Cycle Sawdust!

So why start a business around green or Eco Logs? The idea was Tony’s. He’d heard how much money timber yards were spending to dispose of the large amounts of sawdust their businesses produced. Until then Tony had no idea anyone actually paid to have sawdust removed.

Tony decided to do some research and found out that wood, especially waste wood like sawdust is the most environmentally friendly and accessible home heating solution out there.

Tony Operating
The Log Making Machine

The professional removal of sawdust costs money, so it became clear to Tony that timberyards might have a problem that he could solve! Mr Logs could take the sawdust waste away free of charge, create eco logs and so put the waste to extremely good use.

When Tony was asked how burning something like his Eco Logs could be good for the environment he said :

Trees like all plants, take in carbon dioxide when they are growing. Later when sawdust is used to make Eco Logs, the carbon dioxide that is released in the burning process is equal to that which the tree absorbed whilst it was growing.

Basically, that makes burning Eco Logs carbon neutral.

There's almost no sulphur and not much nitrogen. The ash also an excellent fertiliser!

Tony Moore

There are other uses for sawdust of course. For example, in ancient Egypt – they used to stuff mummified bodies with sawdust after removing all the internal organs to help the body retain some shape. But nowadays there is more demand for carbon neutral home heating than for body stuffing!

Eco Logs Require High Quality Sawdust

A Burning Mr Logs Eco Logs

Mr Logs are very particular about the sawdust they use in their particular brand of Eco Logs. It must be dry with less than 12% moisture, so it’s normally sourced from joinery companies and is a mixture of soft and hard wood. By the time the log-making process is complete, the moisture content is reduced to 6%. Ordinary dry firewood can contain as much as 25% moisture. Due to the extremely dry nature of eco logs they radiate much more heat that the same weight in wood.

Once the idea had formed, Mr Logs was established in October 2010 after a long process of testing, various recipes for eco logs, and the procurement of the right equipment.

Tony says :

We are helping to re-cycle waste that might otherwise be discarded. We're turning a by-product of furniture production into fuel.

Something Environmentally Friendly

Tony was passionate about starting his own business after having worked for 34 years as a manager in a Devon based pet food processing company. He really needed something that was a complete change of direction.

Diane And Juliet - With Packaged Mr Logs Eco Logs

Diane’s father left some money which he specifically wanted her to use to start a new business. Diane and Tony had worked together before, and it just turned out that the timing was right. They also had access to suitable business premises.

The Eco Logs Recipe – Tony’s Wonder Logs!

Tony enjoys the hands-on process of creating the eco logs and the interaction with the machinery. Having an enginering mind, Tony became obsessed with the process of forming the logs. He practiced by making them manually using various eco logs recipes before deciding on exactly the right compacting machine.

Tony Mixing His Special Log Recipe

Tony worked on the log recipe, discarding all the usual methods to invent his own special log concoction. This resulted in special type of eco log. It produced a long-burning, high energy, green, low density wonder log.

Mr Logs are superior to many other eco logs available. They are very dry, densely compacted and heavy so they burn with very little ash, and leave less mess to clean up afterwards. Mr Logs burn hot and clean, for between 3-4 hours, which is their unique selling point.

Not Just The South-West – Mr Logs Will Deliver Anywhere In The UK

The South-West is an ideal location for Mr Logs – there are many managed woods and forestry related industries in the area. Also a large number of West Country households are rural and many can make use of Eco Logs for open fires, wood burners, Rayburns or solid fuel central heating systems.

Even so Tony and Diane want to add other products to their range and have started to experiment with other waste materials can be meaningfully recycled.

Tony worked on the log recipe, discarding all the usual methods to invent his own special log concoction. This resulted in a long-burning, high energy, green, low density wonder log.

The ideal client for Mr Logs is someone who is environmentally conscious and who appreciates a reliable, high quality recycled product. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning out their fireplaces and wood-burners too, is an ideal match!

Mr Logs deliver free of charge with the Chumleigh, Hatherleigh and Barnstaple areas. A small delivery charge is added for other areas. However delivery is not restricted to the South-West, and orders can be arranged anywhere in the UK.

I’ve tried other eco logs and thought Mr Logs would be the same. But you really have to try these logs to believe how different they are. You can tell when you pick one up – immediately you notice how heavy it is in comparison to others. The logs burn very hot and I’ve found I no longer need to clean the glass on my stove – it’s completely clean after Mr Log Eco Logs has been burned. And it’s true – there s very little ash. Russell J – Hatherleigh.

In order to keep them dry and warm, Mr Logs are put to bed in the warehouse under blankets. Tony and Diane are very fond of their eco logs. And it shows!

Promotion is currently only via word of mouth, the local parish pump magazine and shop window notices. If you are interested in trying out some Mr Logs eco logs, call Juliet on 07830 606018

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  • Paula Bolt

    I have used the logs and they are very good, burn for hours and let out a lot more heat then a normal log, would recommend highly, great log, great price and most of all a nice warm house.

  • Stephen Roberts

    I use the logs in my ParkRay woodburner. The Parkray heats all my hot-water and provides central heating. I have found the logs to be cheaper than coal.

  • Natalia Buliga

    Hi my name is Natalia and I would just like to say how wonderful these logs are. I am formally from Moldova and my country suffers from very harsh cold winters which is a problem to find long burning and good heat source products. I cannot believe the heat these log gives out and for the time it burns.

    I would recomend this product to anyone and have asked my friends and family back home to find out if they can buy there. Use it and see for yourself.

    All I can say is I will never use anything now but Mr Logs on my fire.

  • Juliet

    I would like to give a big thank you to Elizabeth for creating this lovely profile.

    • Elizabeth Jamieson

      Thanks Juliet – we look forward to doing something bigger for you as soon as you are ready.

  • tracy edwards

    l have tried many logs in my time and l can tell you these are the best logs l have ever used and the burn more than what is said. The heat that comes out of them is great and well worth the money. l will be ordering soon for the winter so you make sure you are will in stock because l will need them for all the B&Bs l run. Also think of the environment. And one more thing my roses and garden have never looked better where l have spread the ashes. So thank you Mr Logs for your great logs

  • trev

    just purchased a bag of mr logs and was very pleasantly suprised with them, very good heat and lasted a lot longer than a normal log, also they have the overall factor of being environmentally friendly, would definately recommend these logs to anyone.

  • Georgina Orchard

    Hi l have only now started using Mr logs and straight way l found a difference .I find they give out far more heat than other logs l have used and cheaper than other fuels and cleaner as well and using these log l know l am doing my bit for the environment too .One of the exampe l use the logs for is my rayburn which l run 14 radiations around my home . I fill my rayburn up every night and it stay in over night and dont need to use many log two fill it . so know relight for me in the morning now .Will be using more in the future MR LOGS IS NUMBER ONE FOR ME THANKS

  • sarah shaw

    Over the past year i have used many different types of log’s and coal and MR logs are the only log’s i would highly recomend to everyone, they give out far more heat and last alot longer than anything i have used before and leave less mess. I was very pleasantly suprised at the price, well worth every penny.

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